Which product would
500+ Premium Brushes
and bonus 6-hours tutorial on using brushes in a collage
The product is suitable for those who want to reduce the time in Photoshop and learn how to professionally use brushes in collages.
In a bonus tutorial, I'll show you how to create a collage and use a set of brushes in practice.
The brush pack is ideal for editing and enhancing AI-generated photos.
Do you want to learn how to create commercial art in Photoshop?
Commercial ART
Photoshop Course From 0 to PRO + Bonus
more about?
you like to learn
After studying the lessons and practice, your Photoshop skills will increase to professional. In the future you will be able to create not only art, but also various banners.
We will create arts from scratch without the use of AI. And also, thanks to the lessons, you will understand how to refine AI-generated photos.
The lessons are voiced in English.
Duration of video lessons is 10+ hours.
The product is perfect for both beginners and professionals.
The product is perfect for both beginners and professionals.
Thanks to the knowledge gained, you will be able to make plenty of money by completing commercial orders*.
*The course is not a magic money making pill and you need to put in the effort. In one of the blocks on the course page, I published the annual financial report of my small team.
To expand the audience of this product, I recorded a bonus tutorial without voice acting, but with pleasant music. All actions on the screen are clear, and the keys that I use are given in subtitles.
Course Update (August 2023): Creating a new backgrounds with AI Firefly.